A sense of professionalism, a sense of timing and most of all a sense fun! These are things that I bring in every shoot that I do.

My goal is to thrill you with the way I capture your interactions and emotions. Whether it's on your wedding day or on a portrait session.

I aim to capture your true personalities, spirit & love with each photo I take.

Phillip Pacaldo lives in Greenville, NC.

He owns 6 surfboards.

He is available for wedding photography locally & globally.

His other interests includes:

socks, aquatic plants, guitars, scotland,scuba, kayak,computer security, anatomy, volleyball,soccer, tennis, the atlantic coast conference, ales,national public radio, headphones, expensive audio/video stuff that he cant afford, vintage cameras, culinary arts, eBay, getting lost,smartwool, wave riding vehicles, snowboarding,guiness, shawshank redemption, travel, jumping pictures, inigo montoya, health and medicine, dollar stores, forged kitchen knives, and neurosurgery ( for serious!)